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Foodie NOCA-Episode 4- 台湾一番大人気なザンザンバァ チョコレートたっぷり のじまスコーラパン屋さん

September 27, 2018

Hello everyone! Today is Mid-Autumn Festival which is a harvest festival celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th month of the Lunar calendar with full moon at night. Similar practice in Japan is known as Otsukimi (お月見) 🌝

On this special day, NŌCA together with baker-san from Scuola would like to show you how to make the new craze in town - Taiwanese Dirty Bread. Yes, it's DIRTY but scrumptious!!~

So let's get our hands dirty and messy

Indigo farm NOCA X Awaji 藍 land X AMAMI

August 20, 2018

Indigo dye, also known as ai-zome, is one of the oldest dyeing methods in Japan since 10th century. But do you know that the Japanese indigo plant (Polygonum spp.) is an edible power food of antioxidant!

It is our pleasure to meet with the owners of Awaji Ai-Land Project who are passionate to promote sustainable living and organic farming in Awaji. Thank you so much for sharing with us the beauty of indigo on Awajishima and the tasty organic veggies. NŌCA can’t wait to create the indigo dish using the organic indigo leaves from Awaji Ai-Land Project at Higashiura of Awajishima.

Foodie NŌCA Episode 3

August 22, 2018

JGAP Komatsuna roll and fried rice!

When the season rotate, we need to pay more attention on what we eat to balance our body!
Today we are going to introduce two super foods which are can help your skin from drying for the coming Autumn!

Foodie NŌCA Episode 2

January 01, 2020

Awaji onion deep fried with local Bagna càuda!
This recipe we using the local ingredient- Awaji Onion and also Awaji milk, Yogurt...
And the most important thing is the Bagna càuda made by Nouentai!
The Basil and Tomato Bagna càuda use the ingredients all grown in Japan! Tasty!


Foodie NŌCA Episode 1

July 21, 2018

Tunisia Kaak!
Super easy way to make the sesame cookies!
Enjoy! Bon appetit!
チュニジア カークごまクーキー

Solar term lì qiū 立秋

August 06, 2018

Hello Guys, Since our last updated of solar term, you must be excited about how to eat according to it! We will make a video to show you how to eat in order to make your body to be ready for the coming Autumn!

And today is the Solar term of lì qiū 立秋 — literally "Start of Autumn" — In the past time, people will start to harvest the rice to store it for the winter. Start from today, the temperature and the daytime will decreasing gradually in a month. 
So, even though these day will still be hot, but remember not to over-chill yourself.

You can do it like this:
Click picture to see more...

Honey farm in Awaji 淡路島養蜂研究会

May 13, 2018

NŌCA team visited two honey farms in Awaji Island. Not only looking for more local ingredients we can use, but also discussed with the farmers on how we can cooperate to make the new NŌCA product!
And thanks again to the farmer shared honey with us!


NŌCA's 1st Booth @ Tsuna Port

June 02, 2018

NŌCA, jointly together with Amami team, will attend the international event held by Awaji-fan club!
R u ready to give a try for our international food and fresh veggies!?

Date: 2018/6/3   Time: 10:00-15:00
Location: Tsuna Terminal  津名港 656-2131 兵庫県淡路市志筑

#NŌCA #AMAMI Project #あわじFANクラブ

Solar term Xiaoman

May 20, 2018

Today is the Solar term Xiaoman — literally "grain buds" — traditionally heralds hot, humid days to ripen crops. It is also the rainy season, namely plum rain, in the East Asian countries.  Stay dry with your umbrella!

Xiaoman is also the time to intake food of Earth-element according to 5-element theory, such as cucumbers and cherries, which could help to prepare your body for the upcoming hot summer.

NŌCA's Food Tasting Event in Miele

April 17, 2018

Hello Everyone! We have conducted our first food tasting event in Miele.  Thanks for all the support and comments.  We will try our very best to explore more exciting delicacies.  Stay tuned!

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